Using the right words

Every word you write is an opportunity to engage with your audience on screen while your not there in person. 

Write for people
Write like a human speaking to another human
Don't use corporate jargon (click here for corporate jargon)

There are 5 different strategies you can use to come up with your creative description.  Here they are:

Tell its history

Everyone loves a story.
Tell the story of the origins of your product and how the idea came to life. Who it was built for, the different models or variations before it came to the one your publishing.

Keep it simple

Your product may be straightforward, no problem there. Just explain what it is and who its for, simple!

Describe as if its in-use

Imagine yourself in the shoes of the person who may be interested in your product or service and explain its benefits hands-on and in operation.

Words to avoid

Everyone wants to know how a product or service benefits them. No one wants to hear rambling words about how great "the" product or service is. Here are some other words to cut out:

One of

Strategy Statement

Turn your Idea to a problem translated into a solution.
For example:

We want [target segment] who [target segments problem] to think/do [desired marketing/biz outcome] by doing [strategic idea] to make them feel [desired outcome]

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