During your registration process, you will be prompted to fill in the below criteria. This is important.

One of the filters we provide to visitors is the ability to search by 'manufacturer' or 'supplier' and thus will affect if your business page shows up.

It also helps visitors understand your company by creating an indicator “M” or “S” on the widgets across the site.

Some Examples of Industry placement

If you manufacture food then you should be placed in the 'Food' Industry.

If you manufacture furniture, lighting or anything decorative then you would best be placed under 'Furniture & Fixtures'

If you can't find your industry and you provide any product or service within the food-service industry then you should be placed under 'Other Products & Services'

Are you a Manufacturer or Supplier?

This should be simple, if you manufacture products and have a distribution network then Choose "Manufacturer".

If you distribute products, then choose "Supplier"

If you do not manufacture or supply products then the industry placement will automatically hide this.

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