If you want to create page

Follow the below instructions:

Click Add My Business on the homepage which will lead you to the below screen.

Choose Business on the selector.

If you’ve already signed up you can add your business from the homepage by clicking the add my business button. 

You’ll be directed to a 6 steps wizard where you'll be able to choose your plan, add your company information, logo and featured image, then country and location.

If you have a page and want to claim it

In order to claim it, use this link to signup.

Once you signup and confirm your email address inform your support rep and after validation, the ownership of the page will be transferred to you.

All the information on your page can be found as per below where you can

  • Change your background image

  • Change your logo image

  • Add News

  • Add Social Links

  • Contact information

You can also choose which package you would like on the pricing page.

Only companies, products, and services related to the food and beverage industry, Hospitality and the Restaurant Industry, will be published on the platform.

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