After you sign up or once you log in, be sure to set your interests so that we deliver the right content you want to see.

Under My Interests there are 3 tabs, starting with:

Industry Interests
On the homepage and on other widgets across the site we will deliver the companies and products from the industries you select. These are constantly refreshed.

Product Keyword Interests
This is where you can set the exact product or service names you're interested in finding.

For example:
Espresso, Chairs, Energy Drink...

Once you start typing, you can choose a word from the drop-down or add new keywords that are not yet available.

Once companies sign up and keywords populate, products and services will show up and you'll start to see them across the platform.

The news and information you want to receive by email.

The products or services from the drop-down populate from what other companies have already published. We suggest you come back here every few weeks and look across the website.

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