Product Naming Convention

Does your product have a specific name?

For example, if you manufacture an espresso machine, place the product under the family "Espresso Machine" and if there is a name for the machine such as "Bubble 2.0" the title should be "Bubble 2.0."

If your product has no name you can use the generic name "espresso machine" or use the model number of the machine. Avoid using the name of the product and model together, otherwise, you may confuse a visitor.

Service Naming Convention

Let's take the example of a Consultant, what are your offerings?

  • Menu Engineering

  • Inventory Management

  • Staff Training

  • Hospitality Footwear

All of the above can be dedicated services, each with a page and description along with its features.

If you're having any trouble finding naming conventions take a look at the navigation of your own website

Can't come up with any ideas, feel free to start a chat with us and well be glad to help.

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