Finding Clarity in a crowded space

When writing about your product features there are 5 important things you want to consider.

  1. This might sound controversial but write about benefits, not features. Unless your product has a feature no other product has in the world. For example, when the first iPod came out, it wasn't described as having 5GB capacity, it was described as having up to "1,000 songs in your pocket."

  2. Make it about the client. Its easy to focus on the achievements your company has made, but if you want your product to resonate- focus on the client. Avoid using words describing the product like "the" or "first."

  3. Write multiple times. Brainstorm many ideas to start with 10-20. Walk away! Then come back and look over your list to see what you want to leave and what you want to scratch out.

  4. Think of the solution. Your product is meant to solve a problem, what was that problem originally? Focus on the benefits or features the end user gains.

  5. Use Power Words. Create emotion with words that help convey a message to someone reading about your product. Here is more on power words.

Examples of writing about your product features.

From Example 1
If you manufacture gas ranges in foodservice equipment you may want to include a feature such as:

Each burner 7kW for faster cooking

From Example 2
If you manufacture a coffee machine you may want to include a feature such as:

Faster and richer extraction for a quicker customer experience

From Example 4
If your a recruitment agent you may want to use the following feature description:

More time to manage your restaurant and be profitable without the headache of recruiting

From Example 5
If you manufacture healthy and low fat/calorie chocolate bars here is an example of using power words:

Low fat and healthy dark chocolate vs. Guilt free low fat dark chocolate

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